Suspicious thoughts

Why the suspicious look from this “stopped shaving everything since he started working from home” guy? Because these two have been fighting all day and suddenly quieted down and started to spoon:

Are the sensing the doom and despair coming our way? No clue, but we’re loving the newly established peace and quiet from the get along gang.

15 thoughts on “Suspicious thoughts

  1. I like “get along gang” as a descriptor. My gang, the dog and cat, refuse to get along. Dog refuses to leave the cat alone, and the cat refuses to engage in the requested play behavior. We’re at an impasse.
    Hope you are well and handling the quarantine conditions with grace. Much love!


  2. Looking HOT there @sassybear. You are handling this self isolation thing very well. I think how we individually bear with it has to do with many factors. Of course, how you usually like spending time alone is the principal factor. If a guy is cool with hanging out alone or with his pets, that person will do such fine. Another factor is your immediate environment. If a guy can’t control his emotions, then this self isolation can be rough on him. Just enjoy to love yourself. Hell, gay men have faced this kind of stuff before. We got balls of steel.


    • Thanks for commenting. Anyone calling himself mandaddy is welcome on my blog anytime. And you are far too kind! Hot mess maybe 🙂

      I am more fortunate than most. Holed up in a fully furnished spacious home with my husbear and dogs and more entertainment at our fingertips than we could fully enjoy in a lifetime. And while I can feel the despair creep in, I try hard to keep a cheery disposition. And you are very right: this is not the first health crisis gay men have faced, survived, and thrives in spite of!!! Bear hugs!


  3. Nice pictures. I can only grow facial hair for so long. After about a week it starts itching like crazy. Hopefully you’re handling things better than I am.


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