I’ve mentioned before on this here blog that we love going to see Jon Richardson when we’re in Provincetown. Jon plays piano at a couple different popular night spots in P-town (and in Ogunquit at the Porch Bar but we’ve yet to see him perform there) and we love going to hear him and sign along, often closing the bars where he’s performing. We also own a couple of his albums and saw him perform with several friends at a non-piano night event, where he stole the show.  Jon is one of those people hit hard, economically, by the current pandemic restrictions, since part of his livelihood is made playing for live audiences.


To help spread the cheer (and earn a few tips) every day at 5:00pm, Jon does a live broadcast “Happy Hour” where he sings, plays piano and guitar, being entertaining and adorable for his fans, old and new. You can catch his live stream show on Facebook here (and usually on Instagram here, too.) If you need a pick me up and want to smile for an hour, I recommend you give him a watch.



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