Canine Candids and Relaxed Routines

Our mornings are spent drinking coffee and catching up on the Carona Catastrophe.

Our days are spent working remotely from home.

Our nights are spent making delicious dinners (thanks, Green Chef!) and chillaxin’, with the pups, watching favorite shows on various steaming services.

It’s like a glimpse into retired life, minus the working part.

I’m liking it.

12 thoughts on “Canine Candids and Relaxed Routines

  1. Oh, you think that’s good. Wait until you take a day off and spend it reading new comics. That’s what I’m going to miss with Diamond stopping their distribution. I would schedule a Wednesday off every so often so I would pick up my comics and lunch, then spend the afternoon reading.


    • I’ve been lucky enough to get to take a weeks vacation for the past few years and I always like to pretend I’m retired. I phantasy seems about retirement all the time. I’m working all day at home, so it’s not the same as just being off, but it’s better than driving to and from the office, an hour each way.


  2. mornings – wake up, have breakfast.
    days – spouse logs into his work: I check my office e-mails. I will be the lone person in the office on thursdays; we 6 decided to take turns covering the office chores this way. other than that, I read/knit/nap/listen to music/surf the net.
    evenings – fix dinner and chill.
    me no likey this new “normal”.


  3. The days are mostly the same as before here, except for no church or leisurely shopping in stores. I go in, get what I came for or need, check on tp aisle and get out.

    Dogs look relaxed.


  4. Sweet! Any chance you could work from home long-term? Or maybe telecommute most days and occasionally show up in person? Now that “they” see it can be done, it should be available to those who wish to continue, imho.


    • Our agency has telecommuting in many of its units. I worked from home once previously during a 4 week recovery from surgery a couple years ago, and I have a permanent laptop that I can carry with me and work from anywhere with WiFi, remotely. The only reason I can’t telecommute, current situation aside, is because my unit managers don’t believe people should work from home, and they have the discretion to allow it or not. So I have no delusions this will continue, even occasionally, once were able to return to the office. Sigh.


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