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Like (insert number) of other Americans, I am working from home for at least the next two weeks, under the order of the New York Governor. As I have always dreamed of working from home (and loved it when I did so a couple years back while recovering from surgery) I am ecstatic to have this opportunity, although I’d have preferred it be for other reasons. I’m not even bothered that all the other staff in my office just get the 2 weeks off without working. (Heavy is the head that wears the crown.)

Being home is one of my favorite things, and with all the entertainment at our fingertips, our dogs, and our well stocked bar and cupboards, this doesn’t feel as ominous for us as it might for others.

Still, there is a sense of dread about it all that permeates the joy of not driving to and from the office every day and dealing with the asshats I am forced to work with. Since my remicade infusions keep my immune system suppressed, I am at higher risk, as is my elderly mother with COPD.  Consequently, we are taking the social isolation quite seriously, cancelling all outside of the house plans and trips until further notice.

No nude knitting nights with Dave.

No visits with the BF Jim.

No dinners out or shopping jaunts.

No nothing no how.

As the social distancing persists, I imagine it will grow more daunting than it feels now.  Nevertheless, I will try to take advantage of the time at home to knit, draw, read, organize, clean, bake, and spoil the puppies and try to remember to be grateful that we have a comfortable and safe home, plenty of supplies, plenty of ways to keep in touch with friends and family, and most important of all…each other.

Stay safe, everyone.

7 thoughts on “Home-work

  1. yes, you do have it better than some individuals. todd and I are working for now, but who knows how long that’s going to last. I will have a virtual cosmo with you. the people I feel for are the hotel/airline/restaurant/retail underlings without work and no $$.


    • I have friends in the hardest hit industries so I’m certainly not revealing in my relatively safe (for now) employment status. However, once the state budget is destroyed the next wave of people to suffer salary and job loss will be civil servants like myself. We’re the first thing to go when they’re looking for ways to cut spending.


  2. I’m glad to hear you’re able to work from home, and that you like it, even! Is Jeffrey also working from home? Please take every precaution available. You are a treasure to be protected. Hugs from South Carolina 🙂


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