Frigid Friday Thoughts

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I am at my bi-monthly Remicade infusion. It takes about 2.5 hours. I get an IV placed and zone out with my music and laptop for the duration. Unfortunately,  I’m a “tough stick”, and it usually takes at least 2 attempts to find a good vein; but this morning they got me in one stick. It’s a ♥♥ Valentine’s Day Miracle ♥♥.  While I usually drive myself to these appointments, Jeffrey took me this morning so he can pick me up when I’m done and we can head right to Provincetown, MA where we’ll spend the long weekend. As civil servants, we have Monday off, and our favorite piano player, Jonathan Richardson, is performing a special Valentine’s Day show tonight, so we decided to go see it. We’re meeting the BF Jim and his hubby there and will enjoy a weekend hanging out. We don’t usually do anything special for Valentine’s Day (other than swap cards) but this seemed alike a fun idea so off we’ll go. Despite the bitter temps, (it’s currently 14 degrees here and 27 degrees on the Cape) I think we’ll have a good time, with one exception: I am still struggling with an (alleged) bout of Bronchitis. I’ve been hacking for weeks and the PA I saw two weeks ago confidently declared it was Bronchitis and put me on 7 days of antibiotics, which seemed to settle the cough a little, but now its back in full force. My Remicade Nurses aren’t so confident its Bronchitis and have expressed concern, so have instructed me to get my arse back to see my doctor. I will try to do that next week. (I’m very self-conscious about coughing in the Remicade lab. I can’t help feeling the other infusion lab patients eyes on me, as if I’ve brought the plague upon them.)

In other news, we have hired someone to finish our (Semi-finished) basement. He came to do measurements on Wednesday and hopefully will start work in a week or two. This is very exciting for me (as you can tell by the italics and underline), as it will become my first ever (proper) Comic Geek Den and I can’t wait to have it done and put it all together. It will also function as a second guestroom and my “home office.”  Although we’ve been able to use this space as a rec room/knitting lounge/exercise room since moving in almost 8 years ago, it will be nice to have it properly finished and warm and comfy. The best part – I will finally be able to move all my comic book  boxes out of the various closest they’re in upstairs and have them all downstairs in one place and accessible. Woohoo! Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by.





5 thoughts on “Frigid Friday Thoughts

  1. Oooh!! More home improvement! I hope it goes well and quickly. I remember how frustrated y’all were with the pace of the kitchen remodel.
    Have a great weekend at the Cape. Hugs all around 🙂


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