The Brave and the Bald



Another weekend slowly slips away and the doom and gloom of another work week lays before me.I stopped counting down the days because it was too depressing, and switched to months. (75 months to go)   However, it was a neat weekend…the horribly cold weather gave us all the excuse we needed to spend the weekend inside by the fire watching some of our favorite shows and doing various odd projects and tasks around the house.

I spent the bulk of the weekend cataloguing my digital comic book collection. I stopped cataloguing my collection when I switched from printed comics to digital comics over two years ago (I still catalog all my printed comics) but, after purchasing some duplicate digital collections, I decided I better start keeping track of those as well.

I started shaving my head many years ago and, although I get lazy and allow a few days growth along the way, I usually keep my head shorn and shiny. I decide to let it grow a week or so ago, just for a change, and made it a solid 7 days before I couldn’t stand it any more and shaved it clean in the shower this morning. I have grown too accustomed to being a chrome dome and just don’t like more than a coupe days growth. However, I’d LOVE to have my head shaved by someone else on a regular basis. Any takers?

I am the process of trying to knit a cowl. Given how long I have been trying to learn to knit, and how abysmal my efforts have been, I should just give up, but I’m too stubborn to quit, so on I press.

I have an exciting weekend coming up, but I think I’ll save that for another post.

Stay warm, y’all.




4 thoughts on “The Brave and the Bald

  1. What you do with your head sounds like me with my facial hair. Once I hit a certain number of days, it’s all gone. I too have the overlap, but mine comes from picking up physical copies of comics I already have on my tablet. It’s happened a few times during the past month or so. I just haven’t been paying attention.


  2. Keep knitting, Sassybear. Even if the effort is not what you want it to look like, it’s practice. That’s how you get good at anything.
    We had record torrential rains here last Thursday, then super windy on Friday. Cousins of my son Sproing’s friend died in a head on crash when the wind pushed them into an oncoming lane of traffic. Tragic! I went out in the rain, it was a mess, but was able to stay home Friday. I’m happy for you and Jeffrey that you got to stay warm and snug inside with the pups.


  3. One thing about my Mediterranean ancestry means and a comedian years ago pointed this out, uncontrollable hair growth. It’s why I have the beard, and why shaving would be completely pointless.


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