Cold Comfort

So this happened today. We’ve had two snow and sleet storms in the last two days, making driving to and from work treacherous.

Fortunately, I got to come home to this:

And this:

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5 Responses to Cold Comfort

  1. truthspew says:

    It’s funny I’ve been down in Georgia for a year now. No snow to speak of and I love it that way. Allergies that start in February though no thanks. But I must admit snow does look pretty before it gets all nasty and dirty.


  2. javabear says:

    Treacherous though it may be, it looks beautiful. So does that warm fire and the sweet pups!


  3. down here, 3 days of rain COULD have been 3 feet of snow. I’ll take the rain. and who wouldn’t want to come home to those sweet widdle faces!


  4. I wish I could experience snow, even if it was only for a day or two. We rarely use fireplaces here, and the homes that have them are usually the type (natural gas) that don’t give off any heat unless you stick your hand inside it.

    Coming home to lovely pets is always a welcome sight.


  5. Raybeard says:

    I can’t think of a nicer reason to be home again – and neither can you, I’m sure., A haven of warmth and oodles of love.


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