Schitt’s Creek Geek

We tried watching Schitt’s Creek earlier on but it just didn’t appeal to us. After hearing (and reading) so much about it, and being huge fans of Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hare from the Christopher Guest movies, we decided to give it another try. 2 Seasons in, we are totally hooked. The break out character for us is the pansexual character David Rose, played by Eugene Levy’s real life son, Daniel Levy. This guy does more acting with his facial expressions than the rest of the cast does with all of their dialogue combined. Hate to be a bandwagon guy, but, if you haven’t seen it, give it a shot.

7 thoughts on “Schitt’s Creek Geek

  1. That’s one of the shows on my “want to watch” list. I watch a lot more YouTube videos than scripted shows, though, so I don’t get through my list very fast. I loved Arrested Development and what I’ve seen so far of Grace and Frankie. (There’s a new season out that I haven’t watched yet.) Just started watching Raising Hope on Hulu and I’m loving it. Your recommendation moves Shitts Creek further up my list.


  2. I absolutely love this show. It has heart. I have watched the first five seasons, and when the last season is released on Netflix I will watch sadly realizing it is the very last season. I love all of the characters.


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