Its been a tough month, work-wise. Its taken a herculean effort to show up to work each day, and I worry that the feeling of dread I have every weeknight and Sunday night isn’t going to abate any time soon. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to do this for another 6.5 years. However, there have been a few bright spots in the month along the way:

These two are always a source of joy for me, especially when they’re doing an impression of Catdog:




This was a puzzle the BF and I spent a joyful Saturday putting together.:


This is my knew knitting/crochet bag (x-mas gift from th BF) I finally got to use:


These two again, monitoring the neighborhood:


A much needed Taco and Margarita night with hubby, me, and the BF:


One of 3 hardcover omnibuses collecting the “West Coast Avengers” series that I finally have a complete set of and started reading this past weekend:


See? Not all bad…

5 thoughts on “Janu-weary

  1. OMB, THAT is a cool puzzle! that should be puzzle-glued together and framed! and I LOVE the knitting bag; that should keep your projects from getting all tangled together. I spy with my little eye 2 cute puppies and 3 handsome bears!

    january escaped me; I don’t know where it went. I am looking forward to baseball season starting on 2/11/20.


  2. That puzzle looks pretty gay, I have to say. Good job! I’m not too good with puzzles. The disarray overwhelms me.
    Love that yarn craft bag! Your knitting looks good, too. 🙂
    Always happy to see pics of your darling dogs.
    I hope the prospect of going to work gets better.


  3. I wish I had a table big enough to put together a puzzle. Even a Lego set for that matter. I picked up Huntress: Origins and I’m loving the original Helena Wayne comics by Paul Levitz from way back when.


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