Working Grrrrl

It was a tough first day back to work. Instead of leaving at my scheduled time, I worked an extra 2 hours to try to get caught up on emails. It’s going to be a loooong ass week!

As soon as I got home, we launched into de-decorating the living room, which we successfully completed. Then I whipped up a gluten free chicken pot pie casserole and we enjoyed that with a glass of wine while watching episodes of Bob’s Burgers and Cougar Town. While I don’t like staying up this late on a “school night,” I need downtime at home to recharge for the next work day.

Tomorrow, we hit the dining room after work, which may need an extra day to finish, since it involves all my Jim Shore Peanuts collectibles on display in the curio cabinets. Either way, we should be completely done by Wednesday. Woohoo!

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