Holiday Away

This weekend we experienced the last vestige of our holiday season.

Friday, the BF and I had our gift swap/belated Christmas (we always plan a night to do our own celebration, some night after we’ve celebrated Christmas with our respective families and hubbies because, well, why the hell not?) And, now that we’ve done that, I can share the project I worked on for months for one of his Christmas presents, an 18″ crocheted Tigger. (He collects Tigger):

This was the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to crochet, and way beyond my skill level, so it’s far from perfect, but I did the best I could. (The picture on the far right is Tigger in his new home with his new BF, Olaf.)

Saturday, we re-organized the basement in preparation for operation de-decoration (and for the refinishing project that will start in February – woohoo!)

Sunday (today), we celebrated “Little Christmas” with my Mom and local siblings and their kids. Once home after THAT debacle, with the holidays finally behind us, we began the arduous task of taking down the holiday decor and returning our home to its usual state. We got all of the outside decorations and lights down, moved on to the guest bathroom, and finished with the kitchen.

We will hit the Living room and main tree tomorrow, then the dining room Tuesday (with 2 smaller trees) and will hopefully be back to normal by Wednesday. This will make for a long week, as it is also my first week back to work after 12 days away (this included 2 weekends.) I will also be getting back to proper eating habits and exercise after way too much indulgence of the carbs and sugary treats (and booze.)

It will be good to be back to business as usual.


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7 Responses to Holiday Away

  1. truthspew says:

    Nice tigger doesn’t look too bad.


  2. I love that Tigger, and yes I can tell it’s him. Good luck with the upcoming basement transformation, too.


  3. Good luck with the de-decorating. I hate taking things down after Christmas.


  4. does the tigger bounce? what a wonderful present! I knew it was tigger before you mentioned his name. I’ll take my modest decorations down this coming weekend; takes about 1 hour.


  5. wcs says:

    The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is Tiggers are wonderful things! Great job!


  6. javabear says:

    Good luck with the undecorating. That Tigger looks pretty good for a first try at that difficulty level. I mean, he’s obviously Tigger, so that’s a plus.


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