Look closely and, on either side of the snack bag, you’ll see two puppies laying quietly in their car seats:

We loaded up the car this morning and headed to Provincetown MA for 7 days. This is the first trip to the cape with the dogs, and their longest car ride (5 hours) since first joining our family 7 years ago.

We were treated to the following serenade the first 1.5 hours:

Mostly Harvey, although Rita whined a little. We stopped for “bathroom time” and once they were back in the car, they finally settled down and seem to be sleeping quietly.

Let’s see how long this lasts. (As I type this, there are sounds of stirring and light simpering.)

It was a quiet, non-eventful Christmas with all the usual trappings: lights, decorations, music, presents, egg nog, cocktails, and animated specials, void only of visits with family and friends. We did something new this year and went out to dinner on Christmas Day, taking my Mom along. It was a wonderful meal and experience, and we discovered where all the local gay boys and their parents go on Christmas Day. We’ll definitely do it again next year.

Hopefully, the next week will be quiet and peaceful, and we will bring in the New Year the same way. The BF and his hubby will be joining us on the cape in a day or two with their dog and cat in tow, and mutual friends will join the four of us for New Year’s Eve dinner and drinks, so it should be a fun evening.

Hope you all survived the holiday!

12 thoughts on “Dogerwauling

    • We love the cape any time of year, but especially now. It’s peaceful and quiet, most of our favorite restaurants are open, no crowds, and we’re here with the dogs and meeting our bfs here soon. Everything about this trip is wonderful.

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  1. Sorry I was offline. Christmas was just another day, and I’ll give out the deets on my blog soon. I hope you, Jeffrey, Rita Mae and Harvey are having a great time at P-Town.


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