Dated and done!

22 years ago, tonight, Jeffrey asked me out for coffee. He’s never left my side, since.

Thank you Jeffrey, for all that you’ve shown me, taught me, shared with me, given me, built with me, and supported me through.

Now, more than ever, I am so grateful for your presence in my life.

I am the luckiest.

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10 Responses to Dated and done!

  1. javabear says:

    So sweet! I love this card, too. Happy Anniversary!


  2. Congrats!!! I didn’t know this all started with coffee. That’s pretty awesome.


  3. Ron says:

    You are one of the fortunate ones. Much happiness to the both of you


  4. Urspo says:

    indeed you are


  5. you two have been through so much, and you still hang together. it’s true love, I tell ya! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


  6. truthspew says:

    Oh Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary!


  7. Raybeard says:

    Happy Anni, S/b and J.. Who would have thought it was even possible to have such a rock, a constant in each other’s lives for so long? Lovely..


  8. glen says:

    Not sure who is the luckiest one. Seems to me you are both “quite the catch” Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.


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