Nobody snows the trouble I see…

So it snowed a little. These pictures were taken after Jeffrey snowblowed (snowblew?) and I shoveled:

The front porch and driveway


The front yard  (all our outdoor decorations and lights are buried in snow except the tippy-tops of two x-mas trees.)


The backyard with appropriate dog paths shoveled


They couldn’t wait to use their new potty paths


Since the Governor closed down state offices today, we are enjoying our adult snow day at home, snuggled with the dogs by the fire watching an Iron Man movie marathon.

The pups grew exhausted waiting for us to finish shoveling their backdoor bathroom.


Such a special treat for all of us!

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6 Responses to Nobody snows the trouble I see…

  1. truthspew says:

    Well you can keep that stuff up there. Down here in DeKalb County GA it’s dry for the moment. Allegedly we’ll get a little rain.


  2. That is a lot of snow, and I’m glad the whole family had the day off to curl up and watch television.


  3. Well I was jealous that you got a snow day. However not jealous of the amount of snow you got. I don’t like driving in it, much less walking through it.


  4. wcs says:

    That’s a lot of work (but not “work”), but it’s beautiful!


  5. Linda Practical Parsimony says:

    I would like that much snow for 24 hours, then I would want it to disappear the next morning. It is very pretty.


  6. WOW! looks like 12″ out there. and the puppy footieprints in the snow are cute overload!


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