Split Rock

Hi all. I’m finally home and all the happy juice wore off, so I’m posting one last update (after a multitude of texts) before I descend into darkness and pain. (Cue dramatic music…maybe something from Phantom?)

Unfortunately, there were some complications: the surgery took longer than expected, stones had formed on my stent, they didn’t get all the stones out, and I need follow-up surgery in 2 weeks. It took me forever to void post-procedure, so we got stuck at the hospital for hours beyond what we anticipated. I’m exhausted and I have some residual issues and discomfort and will most likely be out of work the rest of the week

I’m sure you’ve deduced by now that we won’t be going away to CT for Thanksgiving; so I had the unpleasant task of sending my regrets to Jim and the gang. Very sad and disappointing, indeed.

Alas, poor Jeffrey. He dropped me off at home, then headed back out to the grocery store (after a 12 hour day of medical crap, mind you, in the cold and dark) TWO days before Thanksgiving, to try to put together a last minute Turkey Day dinner for us. Seriously. The guy is a freakin’ saint. (And he did great!)

It’s certainly not what we planned or hoped, but if we’ve learned nothing in 20+ years of battling/dealing with chronic illness together, it’s that life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.

Despite all this bad news:

I’m grateful to have excellent health insurance and can seek care whenever I need it.

I’m grateful to have a compassionate, supportive spouse, life partner and caretaker that has never left my side once, and has seen me through all of it, without a gripe or a grind. He is my constant cheerleader, advocate, and hero.

I’m grateful to be home, with pain meds, warm safe, and dry, with my husbands and dogs.

I’m grateful to have a job that I can miss time from without losing pay or risking being let go.

I’m grateful for good medical people and staff that take care of me.

I’m grateful for friends (and blogger buddies) who send sweet and kind messages of support and are understanding when I have to disappear for awhile or cancel plans.

And, finally, I’m grateful I’m still here on this earth, for better or for worse. This body may be broken, but I ain’t going down without a fight.

(I just wish disease hurt a little less.)

If Turkey Day is a holiday you celebrate, I hope you have a fantastic, delicious, peaceful, fun, warm, safe, HEALTHY Thanksgiving

Be well, and I’ll work on getting better, too!



18 thoughts on “Split Rock

  1. Well here at Casa Truthspew – the spouse had fluid in the legs and lungs. So off to the hospital. I had to leave at 2:30AM because I did have to work this morning. Now here’s the fun part – back in March they suspected congestive heart failure. Now they’re saying it’s definitely there. You can understand why my faith in medicine is waning.


  2. So sorry for you ongoing battles with your health. I am thankful for your blog and your honesty. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and your family. I hope that things improve for you this weekend and that you can rest and make the most of your down time. Hugs and well wishes from Wisconsin.


  3. Sorry to hear your procedure didn’t go smoothly. Like you, even with all my health issues I too am very thankful for all I have in life, especially surviving this long (78). Hopefully you won’t be in much discomfort during Thanksgiving. So important to have a loving and supportive partner.


    • It helps to put things in perspective. I’m not on the streets, alone, with no medical treatment. It such shaving health issues, but I can’t let it ruin my life or taint my appreciation for the good things in my life.


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