Hospitable Hospital

I got a call yesterday from my surgeon that they had an opening in todays surgery schedule at the hospital if I wanted to move my kidney stone removal procedure up from December 3rd to today. I jumped at the chance to get this done sooner than later so, after a long day of getting all my pre-op tests and documents in order, I am all set to be prepped, probed, prodded, poked, and purged of my prodigious pebbles. I need to arrive at 8:40 for a 10:40 surgery time. Thankfully, Harvey made sure we were all awake before 6am so I wouldn’t be late.

Since it’s an out-patient, routine procedure, we’re hoping I feel well enough to follow-through with our plans to head to CT tomorrow for Thanksgiving. If not, we’ll be spending the day with the dogs by the fire eating tuna salad and watching “Bob’s Burgers.”

Kinda sounds like a win to me, either way.

6 thoughts on “Hospitable Hospital

  1. Good luck on that kidney stone removal. Been there, done that. Jut by coincidence I have my annual visit on Monday with my urologist. I had my X-Ray Monday, we’ll go over the results to see if any more kidney stones are forming and decide what to do. Fun isn’t it?


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