Quiet Time

I haven’t shared much lately. We’ve been super busy doing stuff I can’t mention until the day after Thanksgiving cuz it’s not the beginning of that holiday yet. I’ll fill you in on 11/29. Let’s just say there’s been some joy, some heartache, and some exhaustion as we prep for the holiday next.

The weather’s been pretty crappy here, alternating between rain and sleet for the better of the past week. Not to mention the co-o-o-o-old. Brrrrrrr!

We will head out after work Wednesday to spend Turkey Day in CT with the BFF and his clan, then we’ll head home Friday for the official start of the ho-ho-holiday in Sassyland.

My kidney stone removal is scheduled for the following week, on 12/3. That’ll be a relief to have it done and, a week later, I’ll get my stent out permanently. (Yay!) Just in time to celebrate X-mas and the New Year!

To end, a gratuitous shot of a pretty lady in bed:

5 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. Having this little ‘lady’ (as well her little scampy companion) as a constant source of joy should make your life just that little bit easier when you have trials to go through like you’re having over next couple of weeks. You’ll also be carrying all our very best wishes.


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