Mediocrity Monday

Today is the last day of my 4 day weekend. It was really nice, and I/we got a lot done. The porch and patio have been prepped for the winter, the firewood holders have been filled, (just in time for the 3 day cold snap headed our way this week) and I got several projects and a lot of crocheting done.

Because we had the day off for Veteran’s Day (civil service has its privileges,) we took advantage of the extra day and did the mundane but mandatory chores: groceries, laundry, and garbage. I hoped to do more crafty projects, but I was pretty wiped out and the allure of the warm fire and dog affection was too much to resist, so we all cuddled up under blankets and watched movies for the afternoon.

I prepped an early dinner (9 months into using a Green Chef and we still love it) and now we’re enjoying an end of the weekend cocktail before retiring for the evening.

I opted for a gimlet (gin and lime juice with just a splash of Rose’s sweetened lime juice) because Gin is carb free, so it’s a better choice than the more calorie and carb riddled Cosmo. (I save these for dinners out, company, or special occasions these days.)

We normally drink Tanqueray, but recently discovered Empress Gin, so we’re using that tonight. It has a blue hue that changes to purple when mixed with other liquids;

All in all, it was a lovely weekend. Too bad work has to come along and ruin it for us.

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