His arm f-Olaf

Last year, I purchased an Olaf figurine for the BF (Jim) for X-mas, as he loves/collects Olafs (along with his Tigger, Merman, and Dishware collections.) I purchased it in a Pet Store. (It’s actually a fishtank decoration.) It wasn’t until I got home that I realized he was missing a left arm:

Fortunately, I found a non-broken one on line that I could give him instead:

My one armed Olaf has been hanging out in my guest room for the last year, and last night I decided to give him a prosthetic arm. I had some sculpy, so I spent some time sculpting Olaf a left arm, doing my best to make it the same shape and size as his right one:

I got pretty close, although it was so small I didn’t have the skill to get it smoother:

Then I baked it and let it set to cool and harden over night.

This morning, I attached it with super glue and…VOILA!….Olaf is back to having two arms:

I’d like to think he’s grateful for his new left arm, even if it’s a little bigger than his right one and (literally) rough around the edges.

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