Cold Comfort

I finally recovered from the UTI-causing flu like symptoms sometime Sunday morning. I woke up and knew right away that awful heavy feverish achy feeling was gone. While I was not bounding with energy by any means, it felt great to feel better. While I was eager to start catching up on my to-do list that had built up over 4 weeks of incapacitating illness, I knew I needed to rest up so I could return to work Monday morning. After packing away all the “sick sprawl” items (thermometer, towels, medicine, blankets, etc.) I relaxed for the rest of the day, although I did make dinner to give Jeffrey a break from his round the clock care of me and…well everything.

Monday morning, I woke up with a cold. Yup…fourth ailment in a row (following intestinal block, ureter blockage, and UTI.) But I managed to get myself to work and have continued to do so, trudging through the work week coughing and sniffling all the way. If I hadn’t just missed a week of work, I might’ve allowed myself one day off to rest, but no such luck. Besides, although it sucks, after everything I’ve been through recently, this cold is easy to tolerate. It’s not very debilitating, and other than being tired (Still? Again?) I’m functioning. I’m taking dome cold meds and downing some Apple Cider Vinegar and Silver every day to try to mitigate the length of this cold.

I absolutely NEED to feel better by tomorrow morning (Friday.) It’s my pass day, and Monday is Veteran’s Day, so I have a 4 day weekend and I have a LOT to do around the house, both cleaning and organizing. I cannot spend yet another valuable weekend laying around catering to some illness or other.

I had a check-up with my GI yesterday after work, a follow-up from my hospital stay due to the intestinal block 3 weeks back. While my surgeon has basically given up on me and concluded the only thing for me to do to avoid future blockages is have surgery to place a full time ostomy (something I accept as probably inevitable but still want to hold off as long as humanly possible, and definitely until after I retire) my GI disagrees and wants to send me to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio to see a specialist. (Oooohhhh! Look at me! Mr. I’m so medically special I need to go to a fancy schmancy Clinic in another state to be evaluated.) Not sure if/when this may happen (Doc has to get Clinic to agree to see me and my insurance has to agree to cover it) but I’m game. I will do anything to maintain my health (such as it is) as much and as long as possible. And, hey, I’ve never been to Ohio.

Sorry for all the med crap. Not sure when this blog converted to “Sassybear’s Sickness Journal,” but I’m as sick (pun intended) of writing about it as you all probably are of reading about it. I promise to start blogging about things that don’t involve my internal organs or bodily fluids again.

Here’s a handsome fellow to reward you for schlogging through this mind-numbing health update post.

You’re welcome!

8 thoughts on “Cold Comfort

  1. Poor health sometimes comes in a run all at once. You’ve had your turn now. Hope things improve.
    Thanks for the pic. Good choice!


  2. I understand the getting sick of talking about being sick. And, most of mine involves internal functions. Do not wear yourself down by catching up this weekend! You need self-care and rest.


  3. Wow – hope it all works out in the end so to speak. That said my GP took a look at my spine MRI and what she told me was like oh man. I have arthritis in my spine and problems with my L5 and one of my cervical disks. Fun times ahead I suppose. What it translates to is weakness in my right leg and slight weakness in the left. Kind of lets the air out of going to visit the orthopedic surgeon.


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