Sick Pumpkin

This is me tonight.

I tested negative for the flu, but positive for a severe UTI. I have been placed on a high dose of Cipro, but it may be a couple days before I feel any better.

I took the first dose this morning but, so far, I actually feel worse, and the nausea is an unpleasant extra symptom.

Happy Halloween – not.

5 thoughts on “Sick Pumpkin

  1. I’m glad you visited the doctor, but I’m sad to hear you’re still suffering. I hope this medication works sooner rather than later. (((hugs)))


  2. it usually take me about three weeks to figure out I have a uti, which I do now. I was told that in older people it is worse than in younger people. I am finding that to be so true. Here’s hoping we both get better soon.


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