Halloween Part 2

While I am very sick, we are still being good neighbors and handing out candy.

Just as she does every year, Mom comes over and hands out the candy (she loves the kids and the costumes.)

The puppies are dressed in their traditional costumes as Super Harvey and Wonder Rita:

Rita is perched at her annual Halloween post in the window, to watch all the kids come and go:

Harvey is camped out next to me, as my little guardian:

So far, we’ve had far fewer kids than in past years. Perhaps the threat of rain tonight has scared the bulk of the usual crowd away. My office gets any leftovers, so it never goes to waste.

4 thoughts on “Halloween Part 2

  1. What great super-guardians you have! We also got very few trick-or-treaters, and Clint bought three large bags of candy. They’re going to work with him, as I assume many others are also. Those employees are gonna be sugared up but good!


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