Triple threat

Day 3 of fever, chills, sweats, headache, coughing, and body aches, so I finally called the doc and have an appointment tomorrow morning. Not sure there’s anything he can do at this point, but no harm in going.

I had a brief period earlier this morning when my temp dropped to normal (97.8) and I felt a little better, so I thought it might be on its way out, but no such luck…my fever spiked and I was back to feeling like death warmed over within the hour.

It was an emotional day, as I broke down in tears several times, cursing my poor health and back to back illnesses. I’m feeling guilt over missing even more work, and Jeffrey having to do everything, again. My nerves are completely shot.

To distract myself from getting too depressed, I’ve been watching episodes of various TV shows on Hulu and Netflix. It’s disturbing how many shows involve people being picked on, harassed, bullied, and ostracized. I’ve grown so sensitive to it, that I can’t bear even a few minutes of someone (kids or adults) being picked on or ridiculed. Even on shows I love, I skip scenes or episodes where it’s used as a plot device. There’s so much real hate and abuse in the world, I want to escape from it when I watch stuff, not see more of it, so I’ve been sticking to “reality” travel, cooking, and redecorating shows.

I’ll feel less anxious when I get confirmation tomorrow that this is “just” the flu and I have to let it run its course. My fear is that it’s something else and I’ll be shipped back to the hospital.

Feverish fingers crossed.

14 thoughts on “Triple threat

  1. I’m hoping it’s just the flu as well. I’ve been feeling a little run down myself, and I took it upon myself to take a two hour nap this afternoon just in case I don’t get a full night’s sleep during the next two nights. I fear I might have a cold, but who knows?

    I always find it helps when I lay down in bed to let my body rest, even if I’m feeling okay. Go lie down and read some comics, like I did today when I woke up from that nap.


    • I’ve been in bed (or on couch) non-stop since getting home Tuesday morning, only getting up to use the bathroom or refill my water. I have zero energy and stamina. I’ve tried to read comics and crochet, but I feel too awful to concentrate, so the tv will have to do for now.


  2. So sorry to hear that you’re still sick. Seeing a doctor may help. I did that several years ago when I had a bad cold I just couldn’t shake. Turned out it was a good move because half of one of my lungs was filling up.First time in my life I ever went to a doctor for a cold. Antibiotics took care of it. By the way, good series to bings on is the Australian series “A Place to Call Home”. I’m just finishing it now. Guaranteed you will like it plus several gay themes (not just one) but not just gay, a little bit of everything well acted, written and beautiful Australian scenery and the Australian accents aren’t so bad that it hurts your ears like they usually do on Australian movies.


  3. I HAD WALKING PNEUMONIA AND thought I would die. I kept getting better and worse. I suppose I had it for 6 weeks before I went to the doctor. There is a test for it FYI–98.6. Get better.


  4. Sorry for this miserable stretch you are experiencing….Hoping that going to the doctor will help you in some way. Even if it just gives you some peace of mind. Sending love and hugs


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