Rainy Days and Sundays always wear me down

This is Harvey enjoying the warmth of a fire this afternoon. While he did nothing to earn this moment of leisure (aside from being frikkin’ adorable) the husband and I earned it plenty!

It’s been a good month since we did any proper house cleaning, thanks to my hospital-induced hiatus. It was cold and rainy today, and I was feeling a little more energetic this morning, so it was a good day to to grapple the grunginess.

After a couple hours of scrubbing, dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing, and scouring, the bulk of our house is back to livable cleanliness. Unfortunately, I petered out before finishing the last 3 rooms and, after a quick shower and lunch, Jeffrey thoughtfully lit a fire (as shown above) and I collapsed onto the sofa, reclined, and slipped into a deep coma-nap for several hours.

While I’m sad to have lost half of my day to slumber, I’m pleased to have been so productive and that I no longer have to don a hazmat suit to use the facilities in our house.

Now, if only I can make the rest of the weekend last another two days so I can delay having to go back to work tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Sundays always wear me down

  1. Few things can lift the spirit as readily as seeing li;l Harvey all cosy and warm. (And who’s that doing an impression of a daffodil?)


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