Retail Therapy: Decor and More

With a nod to RG over at Meanwhile…, I share with you today’s retail therapy adventure.

Not wanting my first day back to work tomorrow (sigh…) to be my first outing since the great 2 week gut incident of October 2019, we decided to run an errand to give my stamina a test run. Also, I hadn’t been outside of my home or a hospital, aside from traveling between the two, for the past two weeks, and a little drive on a beautiful fall day sounded lovely.

We decided to head to Pier 1, the poor man’s high end home store. It is a favorite place of ours, which you would know if you’ve ever been in one and then stepped foot in our home. All of our dishes, many of our giraffes, and a lot of holiday decorations come from this store.  We were in search of 4 new throw pillows for our sofa and love seat,  as we’re prone to napping in the living room on lazy weekends. We used to own some really flimsy pillows that, although color coordinated with our home,  were not comfortable to lounge on.  Those were eventually replaced with our “christmas” white ones that we just left out one year and have been using ever since. (Yes, we do switch out some household items for holiday themed and colored items, including pillows. We’re those kind of gays.)  But white pillows aren’t really a warm color to have displayed in our main living space year round, and the recent purchase of our new living room table set emphasized that even more. It was time for a change. Fortunately, there was a big sale, and we found affordable pillows we loved.

Before with white pillows:


After, with new yellow & orange pillows (Thanks, Rita Mae, for being our showroom model):


We also purchased these new salad/pasta bowls I’ve had my eye on, and today’s sale really made them too good a deal to pass up:


I’m actually convinced our spaghetti dinner tonight tasted better in these new bowls.

Finally, before escaping the store, I caved and purchased a new giraffe. I had seen it in the store a few weeks ago, marked down, but passed it up as a nonessential gratuitous purchase. Today, it was marked down even more to 50% off, PLUS it was an additional 25% off our entire purchase, including sale items, so my last remnant of willpower faded and I snatched it up:


It was a good outing.  We got what we set out to get (pillows), plus two unplanned purchases (bowl set and giraffe), and paid 1/3 of what we would have, if not for the serendipitous sale.  A sweet deal, indeed.

Unfortunately, that small excursion knocked the stuffing out of me, and I crashed hard when I get home, falling into a deep (and much needed) nap.  Tomorrow is going be a struggle, but I’m grateful I had 3 days home to rest, relax and recoup.

P.S. Bonus Therapy: This coaster set, which I ordered on Amazon Saturday,  arrived in the mail today:


16 thoughts on “Retail Therapy: Decor and More

    • I could probably request and get approved for more time off if I really wanted it, but I try not to miss time when I’m not in actual pain. Tired and sore just isn’t a good enough excuse for me, with my issues. I need to save those days for when I really need them. Hence, another promise retirement holds for me: no more trying to work when I could be focusing on my health.


  1. has Rita Mae ever decided you brought her home a chew toy and gnawed on a giraffe? The white ones needed to go. I like the color you have now. I am sure the excursion did tire you. Take a na every chance you get.


  2. I always enjoy seeing your home. It looks so warm and inviting. Glad you were able to get out and shop (good therapy). Many good purchases and all on sale, besides!! Will be thinking of you as you head back to work tomorrow. Hope it goes ok. Hugs and healing thoughts, glen


    • Thanks, Glen. We have always tried to make our home warm, inviting, and comfortable. While I enjoy decorating it, it’s a pretty modest home, plenty big enough for the two of us, and an occasional weekend guest or two. There are times when I wish we had a bigger/different space, there are changes/improvements if like to make (like a finished basement) and I’m not in love with our location, but then I’ll be enjoying an early quiet Sunday morning, or incidentally notice something about our home, and I’ll fall in love with it all over again. I try hard to appreciate and take care of what we have – this home has kept us safe, dry, and warm for 7.5 years, and it’ll have to do so for at least another 8.5 years more (or longer, depending on what we choose to do after retirement.)


  3. Yes! *fist pump*

    Someone else besides me knows their way around a Pier 1. Cost Plus World Market is another favorite of mine. Nice score there!


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