A Hero’s Tale

In 1983, I had my character, “The Shifter,” printed in the back-up feature “Dial H For Hero” in “New Adventures of Superboy” #48, a comic book printed by DC Comics.

For some reason, I never got any notification that it was being used, and worse yet, I never got the T-Shirt or pin you were supposed to get if DC used your character. I just happened across the image of my character when I was reading the comic in my bedroom one day. While I was incredibly excited to see my character in the comic, I was crushed that I never got my shirt or pin.

I’ve searched for an image of the T-shirt on line for years and finally found it about a year ago. My friend, Mike, is a graphic designer, and replicated the image for me. He also did an alternate version of it using my nickname, “Sassy.”

I finally ordered shirts with these logos about a month ago, and they arrived today.

They look fantastic.

It only took 36 years, but I finally got my “I Dialed H For Hero” shirt.


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