Sunday Sundries 3

It was (mostly) a lame week.

Monday I met with my pulmonologist who scheduled me for an esophogram.

Tuesday, I visited my Mom after work to discuss her status – She’s moving towards greater independence every day and will begin therapy to strengthen her leg and new hip so she can walk without a walker.

Wednesday was Jeffrey’s birthday and the one exception to the lame week. I think he had a good day.

Thursday I had my esophogram.

Friday was the end of the week, which is what made it good. I also got the results back from my esophogram: my pulmonologist has determined my coughing is probably caused by acid reflux, instigated by a hiatal hernia, so I’ve been referred back to my GI for further consult and testing. (Yay!)

This weekend:

I finally taught myself to cast on and was able to start my own knitting project (without help) for the first time:

It only took two years, but I’m finally getting it!

We hit a couple flea markets and antique shows this weekend just for something to do, to get us out of the house. No purchases, but the plethora of eye candy was well worth the fees to park.

We also looked at carpets, as we were considering replacing the one in our living room. Although we opted not to get a new one at this time, this would have been the winner, for obvious reasons:

That’s all the Sassybear news that’s fit to print.

In an effort to fight the Sunday night, pre-Monday blues, I share this uplifting story about a deaf man who adopts a deaf dog (you’re welcome for the warm feels.)

Have a great week, everybody!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Sundries 3

  1. I have problems with GERD every so often. I haven’t been to a doctor for it, but I noticed it seems to happen when I’m stressed out. I’ll likely prove it when I get back to work tomorrow morning. I hope everything goes well with the doctor.

    Oh, when I saw that carpeting I couldn’t help but think it would make a nice area rug if it could be cut into that size.


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