Sunday Sundries

I think I’m going to try to start posting regularly on Sundays, if not more often. Hopefully, enough will happen during the week to give me something to share. Like this week:

I finished my first Amigurumi, whom I’ve named “Yarnell” for, what I think, is obvious reasons:


I think his mane, horns and tail are my favorite part!


My less than stellar crochet skills are evident in the large gaps in his neck stitches:


Still, he’s cute and I’m proud of my first home-made giraffe, flaws and all.


And he seems very happy to join his new giraffe family.


I also finished a run on one of my comic series: I now have all 24 issues of the Best of DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest – Woohoo!




While I love comic books of all kinds, I’ve always been particularly fascinated by the diminutive digest-sized and oversized treasury edition comics. Here’s a size comparison from left to right: Treasury sized, Regular sized, and Digest sized


And stacked:


I also received 2 more sets of  giraffe chopsticks in the mail from Ten Thousand Villages (via Amazon.)  I already had 2 pair, but we usually only have sushi with other people, so I wanted to have two more sets. Very pleased to have a set of 4 now:


I’m doing well with my eating and exercising and I’m still on target with my “pound a week” goal. I saw this posted somewhere (Facebook? Blog?) and I loved it so I’m using it as my mantra for when the sweet tooth and snacking urges hit, or when I don’t feel like exercsising:


However, I also saw this on Post Secret, which hits VERY close to home:


We also did some repair work on our front porch, and moved furniture to prepare for our new coffee table and end tables delivery on Thursday. (Squeeee!)

Tonight, I called and made dinner reservations for every night we’ll be in Provincetown in October (10/1 – 10/6 in case anyone else will be there?) for our 20th Wedding Anniversary celebration (October 2nd.) It’s good to have that set so we can just relax and not worry about where to go, when, and if we’ll get in. I’m sooo looking forward to the trip, especially because we get to bring the dogs with us this time around.

And that about wraps up the week’s happenings. Rita pretty much sums up how I feel about the end of another weekend:


Thanks for stopping by, everyone!



10 thoughts on “Sunday Sundries

    • Thanks! Now that I’ve done one and learned the dos and don’ts, I’m excited to start my next one.

      It seems both way longer and way shorter. I barely ever remember a life without the husbear ….which is fine by me 🙂


  1. I laughed when I saw Rita Mae. Lately that’s how I’ve been napping in bed after work. It’s quite comfy as long as my head and neck have proper support.

    Yarnell is very cute!


  2. Congratulations on the birth of Yarnell. He looks adorable. Thanks for the updates on Sunday.
    I really look forward to your posts. Also, congratulations on the diet/weight program. You are an inspiration. Have a GREAT week.


  3. Yarnell is wonderful. I like his back spots.
    So what’s the weather like in P’town in early October? Later this month Superman and I are driving the Blue Ridge Parkway, camping overnight here and there. Tentatively planning to bring the pup, April. Hoping the weather is pleasant, but not too cold then. It’s a tricky thing to catch the temps just right, especially in the mountains.
    Congrats on your weight loss success! Keep the momentum!


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