Labor-less Day

We don’t have to work today, and have no plans, so it will be a quiet relaxing day at home with the dogs (we hope.)

As part of our nightly routine, we remove the shammed pillows and stuffed giraffes from the bed, and pile them next to the dog bed in the room, where Harvey usually waits patiently for us to finish, before darting onto the bed.

Last night, as soon as Jeffrey plopped the first pillow down, Harvey jumped on it, and did not move as Jeffrey continued to pile the remaining pillows and giraffes on top of him. What resulted looked like an alternative version of “The Princess and the Pea”:

Apparently our life here really is a true life fairy tale (pun intended).

4 thoughts on “Labor-less Day

  1. hee hee hee; but poor harvey!

    we are also having a relaxing day, even with a few house chores mixed in. now go to MY blog and see what WE did yesterday!


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