We were at my Mom’s last night, celebrating her 74th birthday. She showed me a couple pictures of me, when I was just a baby cub, that I couldn’t resist sharing.

Elementary school …. 5? 6?

High school – 16? 17?

What a blast from the past. And what a difference 3 decades can make, eh?

8 thoughts on “Sassycub

  1. Still in your teens you had a good hair of hair – and now it’s travelled south. (Yes, yes, I know!)

    Your mum (to whom we wish belated many happy ones) is just 14 months older than I am. I hope she too thinks of herself as being still in her 20s – or maybe younger – and, most importantly, in good health..


  2. I hope she had a happy birthday! You also have great pictures there. My hair was like that in high school but if I remember correctly it was more or less mullet-like. Then I went full mullet around the time I was legally able to buy my own beer.


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