From Respite to Routine

We (begrudgingly) returned from a glorious week on the cape to the routine and rut of our daily life. The only high point was reuniting with the dogs. It is rare for me to feel this way. No matter how much I enjoy a vacation or trip, I am always, eventually, eager to return to my own home, surrounded by my stuff, and sleep in my own bed. Alas, I was very sad to leave the cape this time, more than usual. It felt like leaving home. This feeling has encouraged us to look into the possibility of owning a little condo of our own and moving there, full time, in retirement. It once seemed out of our reach, but I’m not sure that’s true any more. We shall see. It’s exciting to consider, at least.

Here are a few hi-lites of our trip:

We spent some time on the beach, and I captured this picture of our right foot prints in the sand (mine, Jim’s, and Jeffrey’s.)


We enjoyed a two woman town-hall appearance by Kathy Najimy and Debra Messing, a fund raiser for Sandy Hook Promise.


I got this great shot of the Pilgrims’ Monument, while strolling along the Provincetown harbor Boardwalk:


Although there were other interesting sights along the boardwalk, as well:


These gentlemen were waiting outside of T-dance to promote their show, AirOtic (which we did not get a chance to see.)


I tried to get a shot of the great view from one of our favorite restaurants, Fanizzi’s by the Sea, with a “Bayside dining room that boasts 180 degree views through three walls of windows that look upon Cape Cod Bay, Provincetown Harbor, North Truro, and Truro.”


I didn’t get more pictures because we were too busy enjoying ourselves and trying to really be in the moment, as opposed to trying to record every moment. We enjoyed an afternoon of piano and song by Todd Alsup at the Crown & Anchor (where we spotted – but did not bother – Ms. Sandra Bernhard having a casual repast with an acquaintance,) an afternoon sand dune tour, a couple of nice walks out to the breakers and around town, several delicious meals and cocktails at some of our favorite restaurants, an afternoon Tea Dance at the Boatslip, and a small excursion to Wellfleet to revisit a cute seafood and live music venue we discovered last year. There was also a visit with mututal friends, including a visit at their home by the water in Easthampton. A great trip, for sure. I can’t wait to return in October, which will be our first trip with the dogs.

Speaking of which, guess who got a new puppy lounge for the back yard, courtesy of one of Jeffrey’s co-workers (whose dog would not use it)? You guessed it:



At least THEY’RE happy we’re home.


9 thoughts on “From Respite to Routine

  1. I love that puppy lounger. Yes, I could see you two living in a condo in P-Town after retirement. I felt the same way after I visited New Orleans twenty years ago. I don’t think I’ll do it after Hurricane Katrina, though.


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