What a difference a dog makes

Today is my last day of training class (YAY!!!!) and, as soon as I get home, we hit the road for the cape. The hardest (emotional) part of any trip, for me. is dropping our dogs off at the kennel, which we’ll do on the way out of town tonight.

To facilitate ease and expediency of departure, we packed the car last night and prepped the “Doggy Duffle” to leave at the Kennel with the dogs (food, treats, toys, blanket and bed.) Our dogs know exactly what all this activity means and react in two very different ways.

Harvey gets nervous and clingy, and refuses to leave our sides (or laps) for fear we’ll leave him. This morning, he was planted firmly on my lap while I had coffee, and gave me “the look” when I attempted to get up:

Rita, on the other hand, gets distant and punishes us by withholding her affection. While usually a lapdog, curled up next to one of us on the sofa any time we’re home, this morning she chose the dog bed over us:

If only we could explain to them what’s going on, how much we will miss them, and that we hate leaving them behind as much, if not more, than they hate us leaving them.

10 thoughts on “What a difference a dog makes

  1. Every picture of li’l Harvey gets to be a winner. How can anyone resist that look? Meantime Rita Mae gets the hump – again – poor thing!


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