7 Years with Miss Rita Mae

Today marks the 7th Anniversary of the day we brought Rita Mae home to join our family. Since we left for Sandy Eggo on her birthday this year (she just turned 9 on July 17th – she was 2 when we rescued/adopted her) we tried to make today extra special by staying home, giving her extra love and attention, and making sure we had some extra special dog treats with which to spoil her. (Unlike the way we spoil her every other day, am I right?) To help celebrate the day, here’s a small selection of my favorite pictures of my girl through the years she’s been with us.


I still have the on-line ad from her foster agency from 2012, where she was given the name “Issy” for identification purposes (since she had been abandoned and they didn’t know her real name):

Rita 2012-0

She is the same color and similar breed (Jack Russel Terrier mix) to our first dog, Clyde (Rat Terrier mix) which might have been part of what drew me to her. This was her in the office as we were filling out adoption papers:

Rita 2012-4

And here she is feeling safe in Jeffrey’s arms.

Rita 2012-6


We bought her a dress for a holiday party we were having.

Rita 2013 - 3

And helped her bring out her bookish side.

Rita 2013 - 4

She showed us one of her favorite poses at the vet’s.

Rita 2013 - 38

And she filled us with pride graduating from her puppy behavior class,

Rita 2013 - 64


We discovered her true inner superhero as Rita the Wonder Dog

Rita 2014 - 49

And really began to spread her wings…er…ears.

Rita 2014 - 75


Rita finds her inner Edie Bouvier Beale (with a cameo from little bro Harvey)

Rita 2015 - 12

She also continued to find new and intriguing places to chill out around the house.

Rita 2015 - 41


Rita makes a new friend – Baymax from Big Hero 6.

Rita 2016 - 73

And continued to accessorize her wonder costume.

Rita 2016 - 126


Rita Mae loves to lick as she shows me here, while prancing on the backyard stone wall.

Rita 2017 - 22

And never says no to lounging in the sun on the back porch.

Rita 2017 - 60


Rita joins in the holiday festivities.

Rita 2018 - 8

Rita tries her hand (or paw) at opera.

Rita 2018 - 31

Apparently it’s true: nobody likes a critic.

Rita 2018 - 32

My rhinestone cowgirl!

Rita 2018 - 103


Rita enjoying her favorite pastime…napping on her blanket.

Rita 2019 - 35

7 years later, Rita Mae is still my little girl, my precious and perfect puppy princess.

Rita 2019 - 39

We love you Rita Mae! Happy Adoption Day.

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