Fearsome Fur Friends

We both woke up earlier than necessary this morning (5:30 am) so we got up showered, dressed, had breakfast at the hotel, and are now just killing time until we grab an Uber to the airport for our 11:05am flight home.

While it was a great trip, even better than expected, we are ready to be in our own space and stomping ground again. We won’t get to see our dogs tonight, as we will get home just before midnight (we are flying into Boston, then have a 3 hour drive home) so the Kennel they’re staying at will be closed until the morning. (Major Bummer.)

Speaking of dogs, it was a special treat to get to meet Fearsome’s four pawed family. I grabbed a few pictures, but they aren’t great…the dogs were all scampering about excitedly, and I wanted to spend time actually petting and cuddling them, not trying to get the perfect pics. Plus, there were 6 pups, plus 1 visiting, and I cannot remember all the names or who was who (I was as excited as the pups to meet them), but I know there was Abner, Gilda, Patsy (whom I’m convinced wanted to come home with me), Betty and 3 others. (Feel free to school me on proper names in the comments, Fearsome.)

Here are the quick pics I could grab:

It was definitely a high point of the trip!!!!

9 thoughts on “Fearsome Fur Friends

  1. Wonderful. Dogs just can’t hold back when expressing affection to someone who’s already known not to be a threat. A lesson for us all.


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