Transit Tidbits

We are en route to the land of Sandy Eggos.

Last night’s stay in Framingham had highs and lows. The Sheraton Hotel experience was poor (bad check-in experience, room availability was late, hotel had no air on, so was overly warm in all areas except in our room (the North East is experiencing a sweltering, humid, heatwave,) breakfast opened late, and with one exception, the staff would never have been mistaken for hospitable. However, the exterior building is cool castle-y looking:

Once we were finally settled in our room, we located a nearby 110 Grill (which caters to the gluten-intolerant) for dinner, and had a nice meal and excellent table service. The plaza, in which the restaurant was located, had the following sign:

I asked Jeffrey how he thought that word was pronounced. He responded “Don-uh-lins” and made me laugh out loud. (I of course meant the word “Cochituate.”)

After dinner, we stopped off at the hotel lounge for a nightcap (which was rather lovely) before heading to our room to turn in for the night. While sipping my Gimlet, I got to say hello to this precious little girl:

I didnt sleep well, so was happy when the alarm finally went off and we could get up and get ready to leave. The ride to Logan Airport was elongated, due to heavy traffic and construction, but we left in plenty of time so we weren’t worried.

We are flying JetBlue and, so far, the pre-boarding experience has been very positive, although the airport itself is muggy and warm (Blech!) However, the eye candy is plentiful, as you can see from this example:

We will be boarding in a few minutes. See you in Sandy!

11 thoughts on “Transit Tidbits

  1. You are a joy and your blog is delightful. I have to stop by here more often. I’m sorry you had a bad hotel checkin experience and the other problems (delayed checking and muggy room). There is absolutely no excuse for that kind of service. At least you had that delightful eye candy at the airport. Wish I had a friend like you here in Lower Slower.


  2. Too bad the hotel experience was underwhelming. The lovely building is nice, yes, but the service, etc. makes a big difference.
    Have fun! Hope your travel adventures are all positive. ❤


  3. I enjoyed reading of your trip update. The sign part was funny because I was thinking of how to pronounce Donelan’s too! I hope you have a great time. JetBlue is a good airline. I fly them up to Boston when I go and see my sister.


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