Trip the Flight San-tastic

First, a big happy birthday to the only girl to ever steal my heart, my precious pawed princess, my fair lady licks-a-lot, and all around paw-some pet and gal (puppy) pal, miss Rita Mae, who turns 9 today.

How are we celebrating her birthday? By abandoning her at a kennel with her brother, Harvey, and heading out of town. (We’re very bad Daddies.) After dropping the K-9 kids off later this morning, we’ll be heading to Framingham, MA to stay overnight, then we’re catching a flight in Boston tomorrow morning and heading to the west coast for 3 huge, life changing, bucket list items, can’t-hardly-believe-it’s-happening events:

While it’s been hit or miss as to whether this trip was really going to happen (due to a protracted healing period for my Mom, who had hip replacement surgery on my birthday in May, had 2 subsequent hip dislocations, one additional surgery, and is finally on the mend but has needed around the clock care and assistance as she has healed and learned to walk again with braces, walkers, and physical therapy) I am finally able to announce it’s a go.

This trip provides a much needed break from work, a chance to meet two long time blogger buddies, an opportunity to explore a new city, and a chance to add to my abysmal flight count – this will be only the forth roundtrip flight on an airplane in my 48 years of life, the first being our trip to San Francisco in 2010; the second, our trip to Las Vegas in 2016; the third, our trip to Key West in March last year for the BF’s birthday. Although I prefer car trips to flights – I find other plane passengers are less accommodating than my husband, when I blast my favorite show tunes and sing at the top of my lungs (also, it bothers them when I remove my pants) – there a few more far-away places I’d like to visit before I hang up my wings for good,  and that includes this destination.

Here’s hoping I don’t get lost at Comic-Com, my mini-beard meets with Fearsome’s approval, and RG isn’t appalled at my complete lack of racing knowledge, aside from what I learned watching Wacky Races in my youth.



15 thoughts on “Trip the Flight San-tastic

  1. Oh MANY happy returns for today, R.M., you beauty incarnate. Try to forgive your daddies for deserting you on your special day, but we can understand if you won’t. You can be sure that HE’ll be enjoying himself! 🙂


  2. Fair Lady Licks-a-lot shares a birthday with my oldest daughter. My daughter is a bit older than Rita Mae, though. 😛
    San Diego Comic Con!! Wow! That has huge fun potential. Enjoy yourselves. And enjoy your flight, though perhaps give a care to the other passengers and restrain yourself from getting too comfortable.


  3. Wishing you the BEST get away ever!!! You have worked long and hard to get this break, hope you enjoy every moment!! Pics please and let us know how wonderful it was! Happy Birthday to Rita Mae. She is very lucky to have such loving parents


  4. You gotta come down to Atlanta for Dragon Con. I think you might like it. I’ll do my first next year. That and there’s Halloween based one whose name escape me but it looks like fun.


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