Whittle while you work

A small milestone as I slowly whittle away the days until retirement: as of today, there are 2,500 days until I can retire.

Fortunately, I will not be at work the bulk of the next 4 weeks, for a variety of reasons (2 trips and a week of training). That will be a nice break from my normal work routine.

But today is a sunny Saturday and I plan on getting the most out of the weekend before my 2 day work week next week.

12 thoughts on “Whittle while you work

    • Yes. I long for it, wait for it, dream about it, hope for it, count down to it. I don’t love … or even like …. my job, in fact, most days I hate my job, and many of the people I work with, so it’s like being in prison for 7 more years, waiting for parole.


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