Puppy Love And other stuff

(If your luckier, it’ll be more than one.)

My mom sent me the above image because she thought it looked like Rita Mae. I agree with her and the sentiment of the image, as well.

The bf Jim and his hubby welcomed a new sheltie puppy into their lives a week ago today and we’ll be heading to their house in CT today to meet him. His name is Quinton and these are some of the pictures they’ve shared:

I’m already in love with him.

This barrage of pictures and texts from them have only increased the love I feel for my own dogs (if that’s possible), as I reflect on the first time we met them and brought them home and how much joy they bring us. While I know most of my pics of my pups (both full grown dogs – 7 and 9 – but they’ll always be my puppies) are resting/sleeping pics, it’s because they only have two modes: super active or lounging/sleeping, and getting a non blurry picture of them while they’re moving is almost impossible. These are the ones I’ve managed to capture between last night and today:

Temps dipped again (when will spring ACTUALLY arrive? Aargh!) so here they are soaking up the heat together by the vent under our dining room Buffet. While Harvey spends a lot of tine in this spot, it’s rare for Rita to join him.

Caught napping:

Caught taking pictures of them while they’re napping:

This morning’s attempt at getting pics – Harvey refused to sit still and is still running around the house, ball in his mouth, waiting for us to chase him, but Rita is a lap dog first and foremost, and is rarely far from my lap (or Jeffrey’s if I’m unavailable.) And that girl knows how to pose:

She’s also been working on her opera:

“Figaro! Figaro! Fi – gaaa – rooooo!!”

Other than doting on our dogs, oohing and aching at Quinton texts, and riding out the temperature roller coaster that is the wont of the Northeast, I’ve not much to share. Work is…work. (It really helped to purge all those thoughts and feelings about work in my recent post – thanks for indulging!) We have some excursions coming up that I’m looking forward to, but I’ll discuss those in future posts.

Our main source of entertainment these days (aside from indulging our dog obsession) is watching favorite shows from our various streaming services: DC Universe, Netflix and Hulu. We’re all caught up on Doom Patrol, Runaways, and Queer Eye, and we’re excited about the new seasons of Veep and Game of Thrones. We’ve also discovered a new series on Netflix – “Special” – a show loosely based on the life of 20 something Ryan O’Connell, a comedian and author, who wrote about his experience as a gay man with cerebral palsy (“I’m special: And other lies we tell ourselves.”) The episodes are only 15 minutes long, so we breezed through the first season. I really hope they renew it.

That’s all the (bland) news fit to print.

Be well. Be fair. Be kind.

17 thoughts on “Puppy Love And other stuff

  1. I by chance came across your blog and I’m glad I did. I love dogs. I have two elderly Boston Terriers. They are such loving babies. Yours are precious. Such sweet faces.


  2. Quinton is adorable! (as are most puppies) I know what you mean about getting a non-blurry picture of a dog, especially a small breed. My April, a YorkiePoo, is either sleeping or bouncing. She’s hard to pose. She’s also still a puppy at 5.5 months old. Hope y’all have a great trip to see Jim, his husband, and most of all, Quinton!! 🙂 ❤


  3. Such a sweetie-fest! I only wish cats had the doggie quality of appreciating one just by being there, rather than only getting lovey-dovey when they want something out of you, be it food or a warm lap – and after that turn away with a sweep of the tail.
    A dog’s fidelity and trust is extraordinary, inexhaustible and amazing. You’re ever so lucky with having your duopoly of treasures, S/b. – and Quinton is a beauty – a new friend for H. & R,M,?.


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