National Love Your Pet Day

Thanks to Tales of the Sissy for pointing out that today is National Love Your Pet’s Day. While I need no encouragement to love, dote on, or spoil my fur kids, I would be remiss in not making them a focus of a post today of all days.

So enjoy some of my favorite pics of my two rescued K-9 Kids:

Harvey Milk

(aka “Little Buddy”, “Harvey Bean”, “Harvey Parvey” “Mr. Tough Guy”)


Christmas 2013 004.JPG


SeanandJeffrey 9.jpg

Harvey 1.jpg


Rita Mae

(aka “My Girl”, “Waddle Butt”, “Rita Mae Castleberry”,  “Rita Pita”)


Christmas 2013 003.JPG


Rita 2.jpg



They are always a bright spot in my day and an endless source of affection and joy.

I cannot imagine our life without them.

Rita & Harvey 4.JPG

Rita & Harvey 11.jpg

Rita & Harvey 3.jpg





8 thoughts on “National Love Your Pet Day

  1. Two priceless treasures – Harvey will surely retain his perky looks all his life now (Every day being a new world to discover!) while Rita M. I see as turning into a wise, sphinx-like doggie-matriarch, stoically putting up with H.’s non-stop, run-around fun.


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