You bet Giraffe I love ‘em

Hi. My name is Sassybear, and I’m a Giraffaholic.

What started as a newly discovered affinity for giraffes 7 years ago has become a full blown obsession of mine. Our house is full of giraffes, and the only rooms that remain unadorned with these colorful Giraffa camelopardalis are the master bathroom and the hubby’s office. There are giraffes in every other room, nook and cranny of our home.

While I am clearly the one to blame for this infestation, it certainly hasn’t helped having both an indulgent husband and bf, who gladly feed my addiction and collecting habits. No gift giving occasion passes without the presentation of multiple giraffe or giraffe themed gifts; even the family and co-workers have begun to contribute to the madness. Between figurines, plush animals, dishes, decorations, utensils, and even clothing, I have hundreds of giraffe items around the house. I have also been fortunate to see and interact with several live giraffes, my favorite being Tajiri and his parents, April and Oliver, the giraffe clan at the Animal Adventure Park in Binghamton, NY that we’ve visited my last two birthdays (and may go for a third time this year, as well.)

I have researched what the giraffe allegedly symbolizes. Some attributes fit me, some not so much, some I wish were true. Supposedly, if the giraffe is your totem or spirit animal:

  • You view life from a different perspective
  • You have self-acceptance and self-love, embracing both your flaws and beauty
  • You have foresight, preparing for both the good and bad
  • You blend in when needed, and stand out when it’s important
  • You know relationships are  fragile and understand your role in them
  • You have grace and poise, especially when going through challenging times
  • You keep your head up, and show up, regardless of what you’re feeling
  • You strive to be strong, grateful, and optimistic that life will turn out alright
  • You stand tall and achieving what you want to achieve, even if it seems out of reach
  • You navigate life competently and becoming better for all the hardships
  • You are socially adept, beautiful, kind, and gentle
  • You are completely comfortable with yourself
  • You fit in with all kinds of people, forging strong and lasting relationships
  • You are practical, but creative
    You possess a natural intelligence and confidence, whatever your circumstances
  • You tend to get carried away by your strong emotions
  • You are highly observant and perceptive

It’s an interesting list of (mostly) positive characteristics to strive for, no doubt.  However, as far as I’m concerned, my love for giraffes is less mystical: I think they are beautiful, fascinating, and interesting creatures whose imagery adds a lot of whimsy to our home.  Although, I admit I may have gone a bit overboard in my collecting habits.  A friend once referred to our home as “Giraffic Park.”

I  guess, if the hoof fits…


10 thoughts on “You bet Giraffe I love ‘em

  1. Giraffes are lovely and underrated animals. I was just thinking about something. What if Spo made you a giraffe print shirt? Or has he done that already?


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