I am 47 years old and have lived the better part of my life in upstate New York, so I have experienced countless snow flurries and storms. Despite this, and while I have seen the decorative and design versions of snowflakes, I have never actually seen a snow flake that resembled anything like scissored patterns or artistic representations, until this morning. When driving to work and, stopped at a traffic light, I noticed this on my windshield:

Gotta say, I geeked out a little. This is the first, actual, individual snowflake I have ever seen.

It’s kinda beautiful, don’t you think?

Nature rocks.

7 thoughts on “Flakey

  1. Well I’m a few years older than you and finally decided to plunge myself into a move out of the frigid northeast and to slightly warmer climate of the Atlanta metro area. I like it here – up for a job in Atlanta itself and you can get a $200K house for as little as $1,200 a month.


  2. It really is amazing. Looks like you just ‘happened’ to be looking through a microscope at the time. Lucky that you captured it on film otherwise no one would have believed you.


  3. Quite beautiful. I’ve actually seen an individual snowflake, believe it or not, having lived in The South™ all my life. It snows in the Carolinas and Georgia occasionally, and once upon a time many years ago I caught a small individual flake on my glove. It was cool beans! Yours looks larger than the one I saw.


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