Monday is the big day: out with carbs and sofa surfing, in with keto (like) cooking and cardio.

Our house is almost completely purged of the evil sugar and carb-loaded holiday treats, but I still had some gluten free bake mixes left in the cabinet that I never got a chance to bake over the holidays: irish soda bread, blueberry scones, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. I baked them all today, with the intention of sampling a little as a last hurrah, then bringing the rest to work Monday to dispose of. To quote a brilliant, charming, dashingly handsome fellow blogger: “if it isn’t around we can’t eat it.” Then, the only food coming into our house will be veggies, fish, eggs, meat, and cheese. No treats, breads or pastas of any kind. I have absolutely NO will power when it comes to snacking. I am a compulsive binge eater and if it’s in the house, I will consume it. (Seriously: sit me down next to a tray of cookies or a sheet cake – it’s frightening.) So, the first hurdle is eating better.

The second hurdle is regular cardio – whether it’s treadmill, stationery bike, or wii fit – I need to do it. While I do want to be a little lighter for my inaugural San Diego Comicon event in July (with yet another brilliant, charming, dashingly handsome fellow blogger) I don’t really need a special reason to want to be healthier. And, while evidence reflects that I may be losing the life-long battle of the bulge, I’m going down fighting…

…and I’m taking this tray of brownies with me!

14 thoughts on “Half-Baked

    • Aww…thanks sweety. While I won’t deny some vanity is involved, I’m mostly compelled to shed some pounds for health reasons. Can’t wait to meet Fearsome and (hopefully) Ravager.


  1. I need to do the same. My Instant Pot will arrive on Tuesday, which means I have to go shopping on Monday for for items I’ll need to cook whatever I plan on eating for dinner the day it’s delivered.


  2. No carbs or pasta? What’s the point in living?!?!? I will start a healthier eating campaign (again) soon, but not until returning from Beef Dip (bear week in Puerto Vallarta). Good luck to us all!!


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