Picture Perfect

After being away from work for several days, I got to adjust my countdown to retirement by several days – WOOHOO!

It was a tough first day back, but I survived my one-day work week, and I’m so ready for my 3-day weekend to begin. *smirk* To celebrate, I made a ruby red Cosmo in one of my favorite martini glasses:

I also walked about my house admiring my handy-work from yesterday. On display are some favorite items:

New giraffe dishes from the BF Jim (TBFJ):

“Old” bear dishes that have been stored away until yesterday:

My new Peanuts-only Cabinet including some new pieces I got from TBFJ for x-mas:

And my 2019 Australian man + dog calendar from a co-worker/friend:

Not a bad end to an extremely long (8.5 hour) work week.

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