Welcome Wag-on

Nobody and nothing can make you feel more welcomed home than a puppy who will not let you leave his sight after being away from you for 6.5 days.

We came home from the cape today, after a 5 hour drive, to no power and dropping temperatures; so, we lit both fireplaces (one wood, one gas) and took down all of our outside decorations before the temperatures plummeted further. By the time we were (mostly) unpacked, the power was back on, so we started laundry and made sandwiches for a late lunch. No doubt we will crash early. Jeffrey has to return to work Tomorrow, but I have one more day off, so I’ll begin de-decorating the house.

So far, 2019 isn’t feeling all that different. *smirk*

9 thoughts on “Welcome Wag-on

  1. He looks like he’s just done something for which he expects to be scolded, so he puts on that face which pleads for forgiveness. And, you know what? Looking like that anyone would forgive him ANYthing!


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