Christmas Eve-l to Festivus Miracle

Today started out rough…lost my car and house keys and couldn’t find them before heading to work with hubby.

The diner we went to this year for our traditional Christmas Eve breakfast-and-surprise-huge-tip-the-waitperson was closed so we scrambled to find another one open.

There was much work waiting for me at work (I was off Friday) so my dreams of a peaceful easy work day were crushed.

After getting home, tearing the house apart (again) and finally, dejectedly, giving up on ever finding my keys, spiraling into a deep funk, threatening to ruin Christmas….

…I discovered them dangling in the most bizarre of places. (I’m a creature of habit so I can’t even wrap my brain around the idea that I would ever – even absentmindedly – place my keys anywhere but on their designated key hook by the door.)

This shifted the entire trajectory of the evening, thankfully, and we headed out and had a wonderful dinner, complete with celebratory cocktails (mine a blood orange martini, Jeffrey’s a gin martini).

On the way home, we drove through our neighborhood looking at all the holiday lights while listening to a new album of stringed holiday tunes we discovered at dinner (Thank you Shazam!)

Once home, we lit the fire, threw on the X-mas jammies, grabbed the pups and some holiday treats, and settled in to watch a pseudo-holiday themed gay content movie we’d read about but had never seen. The movie sucked, but the evening was wonderful. Before heading to bed, I touched my keys reassuringly, as they dangled from their proper hook by the door.

A Festivus miracle indeed.

Also, I brought a stuffed Snoopy home from work that I had received as a gift last year. It had batteries, but they were dead when I got him, so I never knew what he did. I replaced the batteries when we got home and…VOILA…snoopy spins to a seasonal tune!

What fun. Here’s to a wonderful turn of events on this holiday eve.

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