Party is such sweet sorrow

The holiday party went off without a hitch. We only had 2 cancellations due to illness, so we had a full house from 7:00pm to 1:00am. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and have a good time, as did we. (Although you never get to spend enough time with any one of your guests when you’re the host.)

Was it worth the effort, cost, and stress?

I’m not sure.

Will it be the last party we host?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Did we buy way too much party snack food and beverage and we’re now left with tons of leftovers that we need to try to pass off to other people so it doesn’t go to waste?


Did we get unsolicited and unnecessary gifts from a couple of thoughtful friends that we absolutely love?

See for yourself:

I’m so glad we had the day today to just chill and recover. Even the dogs were pooped out.

6 thoughts on “Party is such sweet sorrow

  1. Those gifts are lovely! Even if you’re not sure if you’re going to do another one of these parties again I hope you at least enjoyed yourself.


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