Obligatory Christmas Decorations Post

Jeffrey and I celebrate (secular) Christmas. We decorate, bake treats, send cards, listen to (more obscure) holiday music, and swap gifts.

We’ve run the gamut from not celebrating at all (no tree, decorations, gifts, etc.) to our current status of full blown celebration. I get some people don’t do it, don’t like it, prefer to avoid it, and even hate it.

If that’s you, the more power to you – I get it – but this is not the post for you.

Since we don’t socialize much anymore, the only ones who see our house all done up are the two of us, our dogs, and my Mom. So this is my “lookit our decorations” post.


Main (formal) tree:

Mantle aka Santa Clause Lane:

Kitchen aka Snowman Village:

10 thoughts on “Obligatory Christmas Decorations Post

  1. Totally stunning. Should be leaving you and J. justifiably proud, and with neighbours and onlookers green with envy. And why should you NOT ‘celebrate’ in this fashion?
    (We hear similar arguments at our annual fireworks celebration on Nov 5th, ‘Guy Fawkes night’.- though not as frequent now as when I was a boy. Just because one might have a bonfire and firecrackers doesn’t mean you want to see Roman Catholics hounded, persecuted and even executed. Mind you, though, for some of them…… NO! Of course not!)
    I’ve never seen, or even heard of, a rainbow Xmas tree before. Hope it’ll catch on the way it deserves. Well done to the both of you.

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  2. I hope the National Power Supply is cranked before you flick your lights on!
    I’m a grinch, my husband loves it. I write cards, we buy token gifts. This year we’re going away so I’m guessing it’s going to be very different.
    The giraffe with the Santa hat is inspired.
    JP x

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  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity and novelty. LOVE the rainbow tree!! With cats, and dogs, we do not really decorate, but I so love looking at other people’s decorations. Enjoy the season!!! xoxoxoxo

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