Happy Birthday Husband

Today is Jeffrey’s 51st Birthday. We took today off from work (one of the luxuries we indulge in: we don’t work on our birthdays) and drove to Lenox, MA yesterday after work where we checked into a hotel. Last night we had an early birthday dinner and drinks at a nearby Italian restaurant we like. Today we will be driving to nearby Lee MA so Jeffrey can clothes shop for his birthday at the Lee Outlets.

Jeffrey is not big on flashy birthday celebrations. He usually prefers quiet relaxed birthdays as opposed to parties, group dinners or big celebrations. He also prefers practical gifts (like clothes) to frivolous ones (you know, like comic books, superhero paraphernalia or giraffes) so it was his choice to forego any official celebration and come here to clothes shop, just the two of us.

But he’s married to me, so he had to suffer through some birthday dogma. Consequently, while he showered, I set up a little spot in our room with all the traditional birthday elements: gift, card, balloons, cake, and candles:

Just a little something to set this morning apart from all the other. I lit the candles and played Happy Birthday on my phone when he exited the bathroom. I think he was pleasantly surprised and appreciative. Oh, and the card and gift we’re both goat related, since Jeffrey likes goats:

We will be heading out to the shops soon. It’s raining, which is a bummer, but we’ll make the most of it.

Happy Birthday, Jeffrey!

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Husband

  1. That looks fun! You’re so sweet, holding yourself back from the all-out birthday shenanigans you’d probably like to display. I’m more like Jeffrey in the sense that less is more regarding celebrations. Happy Birthday Jeffrey!


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