Burling-fun Vermont

Since I had a pass day today and we both have Monday (Labor Day) off, we decided to get away for the long weekend.  Jeffrey took the day off today and, right after my Remicade Infusion, we hit the road for Burlington, VT,  which is just a little over three hour drive from us.  We haven’t been to Burlington in at least a decade, and decided it was time to come back.

It was a beautiful drive through the Adirondacks (some of which I missed because I fell asleep for an hour on the way – it’s been a rough week and I haven’t slept well) and we arrived just around 2:00. After checking in, we did an inaugural walk around downtown Church Street, with a quick stop at a Comic Book store (of course) and CVS, before heading back to our hotel room to chill a bit before dinner tonight at the Bleu Northeast Seafood restaurant, which is downstairs in the hotel we’re staying at. Weekend plans are to hit the shops, aquarium, possibly do a small cruise on lake Champlain, and just relax and re-familiarize ourselves with the area.

It was nice to see several of these flying around on the main strip:


We love supporting places that welcome us! Here’s to a fun weekend away…and perhaps a cocktail or two.

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5 Responses to Burling-fun Vermont

  1. Burlington is one of my favorite places. Their downtown, though small, is quite fun.


  2. wcs says:

    I enjoyed Burlington. K and I spent a night there on our way back from our Montréal “honeymoon” in 2012. I hope you’ll post some more photos!


  3. javabear says:

    Looks and sounds wonderful! Wish we could be there, too. I hope the weather is pleasant for your stay.


  4. Ravager619 says:

    I hope both of you have fun!


  5. my ex and I took the lake champlain cruise on our honeymoon in 1982. have a fabu weekend!


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