Manniversary (3 of 8)

Today is our Anniversary (aka Manniversary) – well, one of many, actually.

Jeffrey and I, in our pursuit of legal establishment and  recognition of our relationship, have accumulated several Anniversaries … 8 to be exact. These Anniversaries include:

  • Anniversary of our First Date (Albany, NY) – 12/07/97
  • Anniversary of our Engagement (Albany, NY) – 05/17/98 (on my Birthday)
  • Anniversary of our Domestic Partnership (Albany, NY) – 08/21/98
  • Anniversary of our (1st) Wedding (Albany, NY) – 10/02/99 (Tuxes, Vows & Rings)
  • Anniversary of our Civil Union (Bennington, VT ) – 09/15/00
  • Anniversary of our Solemnization of Vows (New Paltz, NY) – 06/05/04
  • Anniversary of our (2nd) Wedding (Provincetown, MA) – 05/28/05
  • Anniversary of our (3rd and final) Wedding (Toronto, ON, CA) – 09/02/06

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of our registering as Domestic Partners at Town Hall in Albany, NY, the first legal registry of our partnership. While we normally only celebrate our 1st Date Anniversary (on December 7th), and our 1st Wedding Anniversary (on October 2nd), we’ve been acknowledging our 20 year Anniversaries for all of them. Last year, we celebrated being together 20 years since our first date. Next year, we’ll celebrate our 20 year Wedding Anniversary. But this year, tonight, we celebrate 20 years since our Domestic Partnership registration.

So, that called for a nice dinner of grilled Swordfish & Asparagus and a bottle of Prosecco:


…and Cheers to my Domestic Partner & Husband, Jeffrey, who’s managed to put up with me all these years!



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